Bring Your Bubba Yoga, Fri 10.50am

A calming & restorative yoga session with postnatal specialist Shelly

  • 40 minutes
  • Foresters Hall, Uckfield

Service Description

A class to give you dedicated time just for you, to find some space, and to build on strength and stability. A woman is officially post-natal for 2 years after giving birth, so although we all usually rush to get back to normal life, there are still certain considerations to take into account. Our aim is that you leave the class feeling restored, positive, and with a sense of greater connection to oneself. This is practised through yoga postures, as well as breath awareness, relaxation and elements of meditation and mindfulness. Our lives are busy, our minds are busy, at times life can feel like a treadmill (with a steep gradient!) So this little time and love that we can give to ourselves when we practice yoga, is an invaluable addition. We are taking care not only of the physical body, but also of the mental body, and energetic body. In short, we are taking time to listen to ourselves, physically and mentally, and to listen to awaken our own inner teacher.