All of our Bring Your Bubba classes are designed especially for mamas and you can bring children up to 4 years old

In the class you will find a play area and a mama assistant to provide an extra pair of hands!

What mamas are saying

"I loved my first class. I've been looking for a way of getting back to exercise that fits around baby. This was perfect x"

Lisa with 5 month old Luca

Bring Your Bubba Boogie


Come along to BYB Boogie and you will have so much fun you won't notice you are working out! Michelle’s classes are easy to follow, gentle on your post natal body and will definitely leave you with the feel-good factor! 

There is a play area and an extra pair of hands in all of our classes but also the little ones love joining in the dancing in this class and we have a few props for extra fun!


So let’s turn up the music and have some fun, you deserve it Mama!

Bring Your Bubba Pilates


Come and enjoy the power of Pilates with postnatal expert Nic in our calming Bring Your Bubba Pilates class. Nic is specially trained to help you restore your body and core after giving birth, helping you to get back to being you. 

Pilates is such a great exercise at any point in life as a way to TONE, improve joint MOBILITY, BALANCE & POSTURE, relieve STRESS & TENSION and STRENGTHEN that all important CORE including your back muscles and it is a perfect way to get back into exercise postnatally due to being low impact & gentle. It can also strengthen the pelvic floor and reduce abdominal separation and regular practice can aid postnatal recovery. 

Bring Your Bubba Bootcamp

Come and join us for fun, fresh air and postnatal expertise combined in this low impact class that will also make you sweat!  

mama strength pic.jpg

Bring Your Bubba Interval Training

Bring your bubba and join postnatal specialist Nic for this Low Impact Interval Training session that will also make you sweat!


Combining gentle cardio & strength and using body weight & resistance bands this session is focused on raising the heart rate and strengthening the core & pelvic floor muscles plus those muscles we all use most as mamas!

Back in Autumn

Bring Your Bubba Yoga

A class to give you dedicated time just for you, to find some space, and to build on strength and stability. A woman is officially postnatal for 2 years after giving birth, so although we all usually rush to get back to normal life, there are still certain considerations to take into account.


Our aim is that you leave the class feeling restored, positive, and with a sense of greater connection to oneself. This is practised through yoga postures, as well as breath awareness, relaxation and elements of meditation and mindfulness.